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In the latter months of 1958 some of the most incredible cars ever to be assembled rolled off the production line and onto the highways and byways of America. In one of the automotive industries most daring moves, all the names that had been part of Buick's stable for so long disappeared overnight. Gone were the portholes, Gone too were the sweepspears and many of the traditional styling cues that Buick had been so reluctant to alter over the previous decade.

New Names! New Engines! New Brakes! New Chassis! New Transmissions!

LeSabre - The Thriftiest Buick

Invicta - The Most Spirited Buick

Electra - The Most Luxurious Buick

Drawing glowing praise from the motor press, the new Buick's were reported to be selling like hot cakes, although the steel strike that year did few favors to any of the manufacturers, at a time when the motoring public was tiring of full size cars, and the demand for compact cars was gathering pace.

This site is dedicated to the Buicks of 1959. From the entry-level LeSabre to the range-topping Electra 225, from the hard working station wagons to the glamorous convertibles, all 17 models are encompassed within this site.

There are no prejudices here. Whether your car, or cars you know about, are factory stock, beautifully restored, wildly customised, slightly modified, a show winner or awaiting the crusher, we want to hear about them. As long as its a '59, you'll fit in just fine! We look forward to meeting you, and making new friends around the world, sharing the same passion - 1959 Buicks!



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